7 Updated Southern Traditions

Family & Entertainment April 21, 2017

I am all about keeping traditions alive. Some traditions are so classic you just can’t get rid of them. Hand written thank you cards, rocking chairs on the porch; the list of tried and true Southern Traditions goes on and on. However some traditions need a revamp every once in a while. Below are some ways to incorporate them in a more creative and modern way.

1. Pearls


Pearls are probably the number one fashion accessory tradition of the South. I LOVE wearing my pearl earrings. There are other ways to incorporate pearls if you are as obsessed as I am without being too over the top. Have a denim jacket that needs to be snazzed up? Put some faux pearls on them. Have a girly girls room? Tie back the curtains with a few strings of faux pearls. I also love to incorporate pearls in floral arrangements for baby and bridal showers!

2. Canning


My Grandparents had a plethora of vegetables around from their garden. So many in fact that canning veggies was a yearly ordeal. Many times the canned produce would never be eaten and would just sit in the basement. Why not can something you actually want to eat! Grab yourself a food processor and throw in some tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos and make homemade salsa. You will always have a can ready when having friends over, a snack during game time and even something to bring to a party.

3. Hostess Gift


Another Southern Tradition that is popular among my family and friends is the bringing a gift for the hosts. Usually people bring a bottle of wine or candle. But why not get your hosts something unexpected and unique? Giving a small gift of an experience will be more memorable than a cutesy dish towel that will never get used. Movie tickets, gift cards to coffee shops and take out places are great alternatives to the standard hostess gift.

4. Gardens


Owning a well-groomed garden is something to be proud of. My Mother always keeps a pristine garden, flowers in the house and fresh herbs nearby to add to her dishes. But not all of us have the time to maintain a garden or outdoor space to have such a special sanctuary.  No worries, you can create a vertical indoor herb garden with a few shelves and terracotta pots in an area with a lot of natural light. Just grab some seeds, plant in potting soil, water and sit back and watch your herbs grow!

5. Silver Entertaining Trays


Nothing said a nice holiday dinner in my childhood household more than silver servers. I hate only breaking them out for special occasions. These beauts are way too pretty to be stored away other than a few times per year.  I like to display them throughout the house to enjoy them non-stop. I use them on my bedroom dresser as a catch all and to hold my collection of perfumes. If you have a bunch of them why not hang them up as a mini gallery wall? The trays look great over top of a buffet or console table!

6. Old Fashioned Recipes


We all love old fashioned potato salad and other nostalgic recipes that were made for family holidays. But all that mayo, Crisco, sugar or whatever other bad for you thing that makes it so yummy can take its toll.  Why not make your favorite Southern recipes healthier so you can enjoy them more frequently?  In just about every recipe there are ways to swap out fattening items for healthier ones. Does your recipe call for Sour Cream? Swap it out for Greek Yogurt! Tons of sugar needed? How about using honey! Love French Fries and chicken fingers? Why not bake them instead of deep frying? Little changes like this can go a long way.

7. Sweet Tea


Everyone loves good old fashioned sweet tea. But like the above cooking tradition, making sweet tea all of the time is not good for you. Get that same southern taste without the calories and sugar with some Southern Breeze Sweet Tea! And now SBST has a Decaffeinated Sweet Tea for those who are looking to cut back on your caffeine intake.


What are your favorite Southern Traditions? Which ones do you think are overdone and played out? How would you revamp them?

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