Easy Family Getaways


Sweeties, it’s that time of year again. Can you believe it? Summer is almost here and the kiddos are just about finished the school year! Now is the time for some real family togetherness y’all. Family time doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag either. Staying close to home and Simple day trips are wonderful options if you are watchin’ the bank. So let’s pack the bags, grab your SPF, ask your neighbor to walk the dogs, and let’s go on a family getaway!

The Beach:

Live on the coast? Ride the waves! Day trips to local beaches is a fantastic way to get out of the house, get the kids runnin’ around (and tired out), and relax. Pack a picnic: your favorite sandwiches, snacks, beverages to cool off (may we suggest some sweet tea?), sprinkle in some sunshine, add your favorite games and there you have it… a great day!



Is roughing it outdoors more your style? Go on an adventure and plan a camping trip with your troops! Just imagine cookin’ over an open flame, all of your loved ones by the fire, the smell of the fresh woodsy air, the sound of nature…ahhh. Make sure you back the bug spray for those critters who like to bite when the weather gets muggy!

Sweet Tip! Sleeping outdoors not your style? Check out Glamping for a more luxurious approach to camping.


Theme park or Water park:

Thrilled by roller coasters? Us too! Take the family to a theme park or water park for a day full of screams, laughter, and new heights! Rides like the log flume are a fun way that you can cool off when the sun is really beating down. Who can ride the most rides in a day?!

Sweet Tip! Some parks offer summer specials so make sure you check the park’s website to see how you can save!


Your Backyard:

Getaways mean getting the heck out of the house! So go ahead, let’s do it y’all. Your backyard can host the fun too. No need to pile up in a crowded car or sit in traffic. Play glow in the dark tag with the kids at night, have an outdoor moviethon and watch home movies. Enjoy a pool day and spend hours floating around in fun shaped floats. Or plan a barbecue with all the Southern Breeze and fixin’s. Cooking at home means you get to kiss the cook too!


No pool? No problem. Keep the family cool and create a DIY slip n’ slide right in your backyard!

  1. Line the lawn with heavy duty plastic like a camping tarp
  2. Drizzle soap or shampoo all over the tarp
  3. Spray the tarp down with the hose. Hook up the sprinkler for continuous water flow!
  4. Play and slide away! (Be careful y’all!)

Well y’all, that’s just some of our ideas on how you can spend some time with your family this Summer. What are your plans? Share with us in the comments below!

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