All you need to know about Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

Do you have a return policy?

Our Sweetie’s happiness is important to us! If you have any questions or concerns with your Southern Breeze Sweet Tea order, please contact us right away: info@southernbreezesweettea.com or 1- (855) 282-6186

For more details on shipping & handling, and return policy visit our shipping policy: http://southernbreezesweettea.com/shipping-policy/

I placed my order (Yay!) Can I track my package?

When we ship your order, you will receive an e-mail notification that contains a link to track your package. Keep your eyes peeled for it! Sometimes our emails like to hide in spam or junk mailboxes, so make sure you give a quick peak before contacting our Customer Service Sweetie!

Tell me more about your shipping?

We are glad you asked! All orders placed Monday through Tuesday will be processed within 48 hours. Orders placed over the weekend including Fridays and major holidays will be processed on the following business day. All orders are expected to be delivered through USPS within 1 to 3 business days after they are processed. Exceptions apply and delivery time is not guaranteed. Additional time is surcharges may apply to orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer FREE shipping on orders over $30, so load up your cart!

Can you tell me how much it costs for shipping when ordering from your online store?

Shipping is flat $6.95 for orders up to $29.99 and FREE on orders over $30.

Is your sweet tea suitable for diabetics?

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea contains zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero glucose.

Is your sweet tea a good drink for diets?

We removed the calories from our sweet tea, but not the flavor! With zero sugar, zero carbohydrates and zero calories, our sweet tea is a healthy alternative to sugar packed sweet tea & other high calorie beverages.

Hold your horses, I have more questions! Who can I contact?

We are happy to assist you! Contact us by email at Info@SouthernBreezeSweetTea.com or by phone at 855-282-6186 (M-F 8am-5pm EST)

I love trying new sweet tea recipes! Do you have any fun recipes to share?

Our Southern Breeze Sweet Tea team has crafted some yummy recipes that you can make with our sweet tea and share. Pina Colada Slush anyone? View our delicious recipes here: http://southernbreezesweettea.com/recipes/

I just love making iced tea with my iced tea maker at home. Can I brew Southern Breeze Sweet Tea using my iced tea maker?

Our tea bags work great with iced tea maker. One (1) of our pre-sweetened family size tea bags makes 1 quart of sweet tea. You may adjust the number of tea bags based on quantity of water.

Can I make Southern Breeze Sweet Tea using cold water or can I make sun tea?

For the best tasting sweet tea, we always recommended following the brewing instructions located on the back of our package. Brew it up hot, steep 2 family size tea bags 3-5 minutes, chill, and serve! http://southernbreezesweettea.com/#get-brewin

Is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea certified kosher?

Yes, our Southern Breeze Sweet Tea products are certified kosher. On the front of our boxes, you will find a OU symbol that indicates that we are certified.

I avoid gluten in my food products. Is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea gluten free?

Yes, all Southern Breeze Sweet Tea products are gluten free.

I’m a blogger and I love sweet tea! Can we be friends?

Here at Southern Breeze Sweet Tea we LOVE spreading the word about our unique, sugar-free, zero- calorie products! If you run a blog or a website and would like to feature our sweet tea or partner with us, feel free to reach out to us: info@southernbreezesweettea.com

Where can I get a Southern Breeze Sweet Tea mason jar?

Aren’t our mason jars cute? We are always running fun giveaways on our Facebook page, and sometimes we even give away our mason jars, check in with us often or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news!

I’d like to try before I buy! Do you have any samples?

We are always samplin’ in some way. Keep in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and sign up for our Newsletter to catch our next sampling campaign!

Aw darn, my favorite grocery store does not carry Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. How can I request it?

Feel free to print our Southern Breeze Sweet Tea retailer request form and give it to the store manager of your favorite store! http://southernbreezesweettea.com/RetailerRequestSheet.pdf

Is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea sold where I live? I am craving some sweet tea now!

Before you run out the door, check out the store locator on our website! Our store locator is locked and loaded with all of the stores that currently carry Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. You’ll also be able to see which flavors are available at each store! www.southernbreezesweettea.com/locations
Southern Breeze Sweet Tea not in your area? Our online store is always open. Order today & have Southern Breeze delivered to your doorstep! www.southernbreezesweettea.com/shop

We are a family on a budget. Is there a money saving coupon for Southern Breeze Sweet Tea?

You betcha! We have a $1.00 off coupon available that you can click and print right in your very own home. Use the coupon in store wherever Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is sold. Now there’s some sweet savings!

I know real Southern sweet tea when I see it, where is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea made?

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is blended and packed in the heart of Southern US, in Marietta, Georgia. We know our sweet tea and are happy to share our zero calorie blends with fellow sweet tea lovers!

Tell me more please! What flavors are available?

So glad you asked! We offer Peach, Raspberry, and Lemon Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, as well as our Original flavor.

How much sweet tea does one family size tea bag make?

One (1) of our pre-sweetened family size tea bag, makes 1 quart of sweet tea which is about a half a pitcher. 2 family size tea bags will make 2 quarts of delicious sugar free sweet tea.

I’m not a fan of anything sweet, is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea available unsweetened?

Here at Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, we are passionate about the tradition of sweet tea and want to share it with the world. We created Southern Breeze Sweet Tea to be sweet tea through and through. You won’t find any unsweet tea here!

I’m watching my caffeine intake; does Southern Breeze Sweet Tea contain caffeine?

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea DOES contain caffeine; all tea has a natural source of caffeine. If you’re wondering how much caffeine, it’s about half the amount of caffeine that you would get in a cup of coffee.

I don’t have to add any sugar!? What sweetener is Southern Breeze Sweet Tea presweetened with?

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is sweetened with Splenda Brand Sweetener. Besides the sweetener, the only other thing you’ll find is real tea leaves in every tea bag of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. Every glass tastes sweet – Southern sweet and with a flavor that you’ll crave glass after glass.

Did you say zero calorie sweet tea with sweetness in the bag?! Please explain

What you will find inside a box of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is 16 family (quart) size tea bags, BUT these aren’t any ordinary tea bags; zero calorie sweetener has already been added to every tea bag! So, there’s no need for measuring sugar, we have taken care of it for you!