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In the Home April 12, 2017

Life can get hectic y’all. So we need to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses! Springtime is one of our most beloved time of year. When the weather gets really warm, and the sun is shinnin’, you can find us in our garden getting our hands dirty…AND  workin’ up a thirst too! Here are our tips & tricks to make sure your garden is at its best this year!

Build healthy soil:

A good foundation is important y’all, so you are gonna wanna take a look at what soil you are workin’ with before you plant anything. Loose soil works best when planting and do you see a few wiggly worms in the dirt pile? That means the gettin’ is good! Adding organic material like compost, rotted leaves, and peat moss improves any type of soil. Good hearty soil will help save time…and money!


Pick the right plants:

When walkin’ around the farmer’s market and gazing at endless amounts of plants and flowers, it can be overwhelming to find what is right for your home and where you live! When shopping, look for lush, vigorous plants with lots of buds rather than plants that are already flowering! Plants marked annual will have the life span of one season and plants marked perennial will bloom time and time again- now that’s a bargain!

So your garden isn’t just the color green, choose soft blues or bright yellows that will really make your garden pop y’all!

Sweet tip! Look at the plant’s tag to see all the information and see what it needs exactly to grow and thrive!


Plan & Plant:

Pay attention to the amount of shade or sun that is available in your garden too. You don’t want to overexpose shade loving plants! Keep alike plants together that require the same amount of TLC! After you planned and picked the right plants for your state and garden, it’s time to get those roots in the ground! Match your plants to the growing conditions in your garden. We suggest sticking with one color palette. That will help with easy planning and planting. Plus, it will look oh-so-good!


Watch it grow:

Water, water, water-But not too much! Every plant from big to small needs it’s thirst quenched but depending on the weather (those Southern temperatures can get hot, hot, hot!) an inch of water per week is recommended. If you have potted plants, they may be required to be watered everyday-so keep an eye on them too! A good rule of thumb is to check the soil. If the soil feels dry to the touch, it’s time to give those plants a sprinklin’ or two of H20. You can do this by sticking your fingers right into the soil.

Sweet Tip! Don’t forget to give your hands a wash after!


Enjoy your garden:

Sweeties, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Invite your neighbors over for a garden party, bring out the pitchers of Southern Breeze and cheers to your green thumb!


It’s giveaway time y’all! Leave us a comment below and tell us your secret garden tip! You could win a sweet tea set that includes: 2 Southern Breeze mason jars and 1 box of our Original Southern Breeze flavor! Check back with us via this post only on 4/18 to see if you are a lucky winner! Good Luck & happy gardening :)

*This contest is USA only. 1 winner for this contest. No prize substitutions.

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