Georgia Made Favorites

Family & Entertainment May 11, 2017

Based in Marietta, Georgia, we just adore everything about our Peach State. Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River and being such a large state, it has a whole lot to live up to y’all! Here at Southern Breeze, we have made some friends along the way that are all made in Georgia, just like us! Today we are sending a big, sweet hug to our Georgia made friends and we know you’ll love all they have to offer!

Georgia’s Sauce from Lilburn, Georgia for the best Barbecue Sauce:

With cookout season here, the folks over at Georgia’s Sauce have ya covered (and your chicken wings too!) when it comes to finger lickin’ barbecue sauce. They have a sauce for any occasion and a flavor for any dish! Take a traditional recipe your family makes and spice it up with their fan favorite, Vinegar Barbecue sauce!


The Dessert Place from Atlanta, Georgia for delicious Brownies:

Who doesn’t love indulging in sweets!? The Dessert Place is a family founded and run business that makes the most delectable brownies. From their original cream cheese brownies to the all-new peanut butter cream cheese brownies, they are all made with love, sealed with a kiss, and shipped right to your door step. You get all that sweetness without having to rummage for Granny’s ol’ brownie recipe! It’s a win win y’all!


Grits Bits from Atlanta, Georgia for a new twist on Grits:

When it comes to grits, we are allllll ears! As y’all may know, grits are a staple in any Georgia home and grits in any way shape or form sound good to us. Grits Bits takes all the flavor from ol’ fashion grits and puts it into a ready to eat bite size snack! Sound yummy? Our favorite is the Sweet Georgia Brownie Grits-they are too good not to share!


How does that sound y’all? Pretty good, right? Make sure you check these Georgia favorites and tell em’ Southern Breeze sent ya!

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