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Original Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is everything Southern Sweet Tea should be and more: a bottomless glass of hospitality and refreshment, with sweetness in the bag – and zero calories. So tasty, you’ll want to share it with family, friends and neighbors alike. We call it “Sharing the Sweetness.”

Each tea bag makes a quart, so brew up a pitcher, or two, for your next gathering. Or just keep one chilled so you can pour yourself a glass all your own, anytime!


INGREDIENTS: Black Tea, Sucralose.

This product is caffeinated.

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27 reviews for Original (Out Of Stock)

  1. :

    Love this tea – easiest Sweet Tea ever!

  2. :

    My favorite tea. So easy to fix and tastes soooo goood!

  3. :

    This Atlanta gal loves this stuff. Best ever! You can add mint or lemon to make it extra special. No calories and no after taste.

  4. :

    This is the best sweet tea! It’s so nice not to have to measure and add sugar and it’s perfect everytime. I was ordering 1 box at a time, but had to go to 2, because we went through it so quickly. It reminds me of when my grandmother kept a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge all through the Summer; this is it.

  5. :

    This is ABSOLUTEY the BEST sweet tea you will ever drink! It is so easy to make because the sweetener is already in it! I LOVE it!!!

  6. :

    Love Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. It’s not to sweet its perfect. Can’t wait to try the other flavors

  7. :

    Does NOT taste like it has a sugar substitute! It does taste like a good homebrewed tea that has had lots of real sugar added to it. So very different from brewing unsweetened tea then adding a sugar substitute yourself. I have always been able to taste that “artificialness”. But not in this one. You will not be disappointed if you are a true sweet tea lover.

  8. :

    This is the best tea ever! My local grocery store discontinued it and I bought all 22 boxes they had left. As my precious stockpile dwindled I was getting kinda worried about where to find more. Thank goodness I can now get it online! I am never without my tumbler full of Southern Breeze! I recommend it to everyone and it really is the easiest tea ever. Just drop your bags in your pitcher and stick it in the fridge. I love love love this tea!

  9. :

    This is the best sweet tea I have tasted in a long time and have been drinking it daily for 8 months . Love it . It is a absolute must have.

  10. :

    why mess with a classic. ive had all of the sweet teas on market and this one is my go to fave. the only thing i wish is that you do one sweet tea with mint then i can have all my faves,

  11. (verified owner):

    I was a little hesitant to get this tea as I’m not generally a fan of splenda, but you can hardly taste it. This is the next best thing to making my own sweet tea with real sugar. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the taste is!

  12. :

    I had receive from a friend 2 tea bag of this product and I felted in love. Hands down one of the best tea to drink. What I liked no need to add sugar. I was so sad I didn’t have no more to make. But I will be buying soon. I drink a lot of tea but this tea is the best.,

  13. :

    This is the closest tea that actually tastes like the tea my grandmother use to brew in Virginia.Dark and sweet.

  14. :

    I absolutely LOVE this tea! I’ve been drinking it hot lately and it’s so wonderful.

  15. (verified owner):


  16. :

    Southern Breeze is the best tea ever. It’s perfectly sweet. I love it and drink it all day everyday!!

  17. :

    Best sweet tea ! Real tea leaf taste with no artificial aftertaste. I drink it everyday year-round. Much better than the tea by the fast chain places. So easy and quick to make a pitcher. Keep one in the fridge at all times. Sorry local grocery doesn’t carry it but I least I found your retail on-line.

  18. (verified owner):

    Love it, love it. I’ve been telling all my family about it but was afraid that if too many people like it that I won’t be able to find it anymore. I didn’t think about a web site. thanks. Two tea bags in a quart of water set out on the patio and Voila! Good ol’ Georgia sweet tea! Thanks, you guys.
    Linda, Augusta, GA

  19. (verified owner):

    Being from the Northeast, I never knew what sweet tea was. I attended a wedding in NC and that was all they had as a beverage. I was hooked! I did not care for the calories though as I am always watching my weight. This is the perfect solution. Amazing taste and you can steep to your taste. I sometimes add a package of True Orange or mint for extra flavor. Fan for life!

  20. :

    This is all we drink anymore. I used to brew Lusianne tea and add sweetner but this is so much better. We have given it to friends who say they don’t like artificial sweetners and they say they can’t tell it isn’t sugar.. We have made a lot of converts this way. I am so glad I found these products.

  21. :

    Learned about this tea from a recipe blogger. I ordered one of each flavor from a seller on eBay. I like all the flavors and love how fast and easy it is to make. I add almond extract to the original flavor and it tastes amazing. I wish the stores carried all the flavors but the Walmart’s near me only carry original and peach.

  22. :

    This tea is fantastic!!!…Ive been buying Mcdonalds unsweetened tea for years because I couldn’t make it with other brands to taste as good…until I I tried Southern Breeze…..this is truly a good tea!
    I just hope I can continue to buy this…went back to Walmart again yesterday and its still out of stock……oh my…..I will keep checking…Thamk you!!!!

  23. :

    Love it, Please never stop making it!

  24. (verified owner):

    This is the best tasting home brewed sweet tea I’ve ever had. And to top it off zero calories! You won’t be disappointed. So easy – just brew, steep and pour!

  25. :

    I cannot tell you how much we LOVE this tea!! My family drinks almost a gallon of this every single day! I even mailed a box to my mother-in-law for her to try. It’s THE BEST sweet tea EVER and even better that it’s 0-calorie!! This is the only sugar-free beverage that my husband will drink. THANK YOU!! Please don’t ever stop making this!

  26. (verified owner):

    This is my family’s favorite beverage!

  27. :

    I’m trying to be healthier and drink less calorie dense foods and drinks. This is in my cabinet and I look at the nutrition values and it said 0 everything and I swear I think it’s now my holy Grail for sweet tea so I have something other than water. I love it so much it just taste so good. Omg one of the best teas I’ve ever had.