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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 116 reviews

    I love how convenient this tea is especially when I am at work. I love the taste and how much healthier then regular tea that this product. I will be buying lots more :)

    Best Tea Ever

    Not to sound like the basic white girl but #BestTeaEver is realistically the only way I can explain it. I had built up this massive amount of excitement in my head and BAM it delivered!! So easy to make and so convenient no need for sugar addatives. Steep and go!! I am now a #SouthernBreezeTeaAddict! I will be yelling from the roof tops to all my friends, family, and strangers alike!!

    Love it

    I was super skeptical about presweetened cold brew tea, I admit it. Now I absolutely cant get enough. I havent tried my hot brew yet but I am sure it will be just as great.

    Big help getting all the water I need!

    This tea has actually changed my life! I've been plagued by numerous kidney stones for the past two years, passing them every few weeks. I happened across your delicious tea and LOVE it! Now in getting all the water I need to ease the situation so finally have passed all but one. Your tea is delicious and so easy to prepare, it's been quite a blessing and resolution to my health needs. No sugar! And all the wonderful flavors! Im finally anle to get the large amount of water I require and it's a delight to do so. Thank you so very much!

    Pretty good

    Store carried it for awhile and stopped selling it no where else has it. Very good for those who can't really have sugar and it tastes good to.