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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 89 reviews
    Andrika M.

    If you like mint flavor this one is for you. It’s like tea with a hint of spearmint flavor.

    Kathleen Perez
    My new favorite!

    I've recently been introduced to these cold brew teas and I really like them. I thought the mango was my favorite until I tried the mint tea! This one is outstanding! A perfect blend of mint and tea and so refreshing!

    Tara Butterworth
    I'm in love!

    I live in the South where sweet tea is in every fridge and it's addictive. Who doesn't love a cold glass of sweet tea on a hot Texas summer day? Unfortunately that's a lot of sugar and in my quest to cut back on sugar, I found these wonderful teas. Oh my goodness! I love the watermelon flavor but this mint flavor tea is my hands down favorite! It's the perfect balance of sweet mint and absolutely refreshing. I always have some at work and at home because a cold glass of mint tea is a great pick me up when I'm feeling tired. The mint also helps if your stomach is feeling a little queasy. I was thrilled to discover that this doesn't taste artificially sweetened at ALL. It tastes like real, fresh brewed sweet tea with sugar. It makes this Texas girl so happy to enjoy sweet tea with no guilt and without having to fuss with making a pitcher and waiting for it to get cold in the fridge. These are perfect for my busy life! Lots of reviewers say they put two tea bags in a glass, but I only use one in my 20 oz insulated water bottle. I fill it with ice and water, throw in my tea bag, and run out the door. Its plenty sweet for me, and it gets sweeter the longer you brew it.

    Please never stop making this magic! I just ordered the 4 pack of mint tea because I can't risk ever running out. :)

    Susan Harder
    Heated Up in a Pinch to Save My Voice!

    I recently bought the Mint ice tea because my hubs had tried it and wanted to add it to our tea box. But while I was at work the other day I was super happy I had tossed two tea bags into my lunch box! I was suffering greatly from my seasonal ragweed allergy and my voice was even being affected. I was showing signs of laryngitis and my throat was killing me but I couldn’t leave work due to a deadline that must be met. I really wanted hot tea and local honey to tackle my allergies but I didn’t have any with me. Brilliant idea, I warmed a cup of water and added a zero calorie, mint sweet tea bag to the water. Not only did it sooth my throat, the mint tea as a hot beverage was so satisfying I didn’t really even miss not grabbing lunch! Top points for flexibility, flavor, and even filling! Thanks Southern Breeze for another great flavor! (Even if I chose to have it hot instead of cold like the directions!)

    Kim Snow

    Reminds me of sipping tea with my granny. Great flavor.

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