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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Gordon Walker
    Fantastic Tea...finally!

    My wife and I tried your tea just prior to our wedding. We liked it so much, we showcased it for our guests instead of other beverages. In fact, your tea has helped us dramatically cut down our soda pop consumption...thank you!

    Marianne Giuliano
    Life saver

    I received my bundle and it is awesome tea. I received it and 2 days later was diagnosed with covid. The cold brew made my quarantine liveable. I never lost all of my sense of taste. Cold brew half and half as well as BlackBerry and raspberry I could taste. I loved every mason jar full

    Michelle Martin
    Awesome Tea

    So glad I found Southern Breeze Cold Brew Sweet Tea in a local Wal Mart then ordered other flavors online. So many to choose from online and only 3 different ones in the store. But, it don't matter what flavor you try it's all the same, REFRESHING and AWESOME!! I always look forward to the end of the day to make my mom and I each a different flavor of cold brew tea.
    Thank you Southern Breeze Sweet Tea for making these delicious Cold Brew Sweet Teas!!

    Try them all

    I started out loving the raspberry flavor and wanted to try the rest of the flavors. This set was the perfect way to do that and it included a tea glass. If you can't decide on one flavor or find you have many favorites this is the set to order.

    Cheryl Vaughn
    First taste

    I love this stuff. It was amazing how good it was and how easy it went down. I take two
    tea bags put it in mason jar of water then in the refrigerator. shake it in the morning when I get up. And I wish I had made two!