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    Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is inspired by South itself. Shady-porch perfect, its made with real tea leaves in a pre sweetened bag that you brew, steep, chill & enjoy- and with no sugar, Sugar! so you can sip and share glass after guilt-free glass. Zero calories, meet heavenly hospitality.

    What makes Southern Breeze Sweet Tea so special? We put the sweetener in the tea bag & it’s zero calories! That allows you to enjoy every pitcher, every glass with thirsty abandon. Besides the zero calorie sweetener, the only other thing you’ll find is 100% real tea leaves in every tea bag of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. That ensures that every glass tastes Southern sweet with a flavor that you’ll crave glass after glass.

    We are passionate about a tradition we love and a drink we want to share with the world. We created Southern Breeze Sweet Tea to be sweet tea through and through—just like the refreshing drink you’ll find at every diner and porch swing in the South. It’s everything Southern sweet tea should be and more – we made it hassle free by adding the sweetener right to the bag & it’s diet friendly with zero calories. So pour another glass & keep sweet tea sippin’!

    Brewed in Southern tradition, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods anymore to enjoy our sweet tea. We removed the calories, but not the traditional sweet tea taste you know and love. Life is a little sweeter when you eat your calories instead of drink them!


    Southern Breeze Sweet Tea comes from people who know a lot about sweet tea and even more about tea itself. You probably haven’t given much thought about the tea bag or more importantly, what’s inside the tea bag? It’s a story – a journey about quality and taste – one that starts and ends with real black tea leaves.

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