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Sue Charles
My all-time favorite

I cannot remember a time before I began using Southern Breeze's Original Sweet Iced Tea. I easily make a gallon every other day in the summer, but love it year round!

So refreshing!

I’ve been enjoying Southern Breeze Sweet Tea for several years. It is so delicious and refreshing! You will love this tea!!

Earl Campbell
Have Lost 94 LBS Since March 17 and Beat Diabetes By Drinking Only Southern Breeze Tea!

On March 17, 2021, I went into my cardiologist for minor surgery and stepped on the scale at 351 LBS. I'm a former police K-9 officer, who ended up with a heart issue, and in the process, gained a lot of weight from not being able to move around. On July 7, I went into my general practitioners office for my annual visit and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My sugar levels were off the charts, coming in between the 350's to 360's and I had no choice but to take better care of myself! As a guy that always drank sweet tea, all of his life and at the ripe age of 46, kicking the habit was extremely difficult.

I tried various flavored water, various diet sodas, and nothing really fit my fancy. My doctor told me that a majority of the calories that people take in are from what they drink. My doctor put me on a strict diet of no more than 45 carbs with any meal, which included my drinks.

That said, I quit cold turkey all of my sweet tea and began drinking only water. It was extremely hard for me to accept this and found myself wanting to cheat on my diet with a glass of sweet tea. The cravings to drink my tea was unbearable!

My wife and I started looking for alternative options for drinks and came across Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. I ordered one box of the regular and one box of Lemon Tea. From the first drink, my wife and I both agreed, it not only tasted delicious but it was probably one of the best-tasting teas that we both had ever drunk! There really isn't even anything to compare it to, it is THAT good.

That same day, we went back on the website and ordered several different types of tea and have done so since July. My entire family loves this tea! My oldest daughter and her husband love the Blood Orange Tea. My youngest daughter loves the mint and also likes the Cherry Tea. We have found a really nice mixture of what we like and order it monthly. I still find it so difficult to comprehend how this stuff doesn't have sugar but I'm living proof that this stuff is so much better for you than normal sugary sweet tea!

I can faithfully say that Southern Breeze Tea is the main reason I was able, to not only lose a significant amount of weight but are also the reason that I am now no longer taking diabetes medications and am living a normal life. In January, I went to the doctor and my sugar levels are now coming in at roughly 90-95 and I've lost a total of 94 LBS.

I am a customer for life and a proud supporter of this company!!!

Well, bless their heart!!!

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is about as close as you can get to sitting in your rocker on a wrap around porch, fanning yourself in the hot, humid sunlight, with your best friend....getting the T on town folk!!!
LOVE THIS TEA!!!! NO AFTER TASTE!!!!! THIS IS THE REAL THING!!! I had bariatric surgery so I needed to change my diet, part of that is keeping well hydrated....this stuff is FANTASTIC!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

Helen Kellogg
It's so good!!

It is so good! I've shared it with friends and family. They love it too

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