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Angela White
Lushly Delicious Hydration

When I had my first sip of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, it was the raspberry and the peach varieties. Peach was the favourite, but I also enjoyed the original, half & half, and decaf, too. Then, I saw the Tropical flavour and gave it a try, too. This is, hands-down, my absolute favourite flavour of Southern Breeze! That it brews in cold water is a bonus during the hot and humid months, as I don't have to have ice or wait for brewed tea to cool in order to be transported to an island oasis without ever leaving home. In fact, the only thing that could make this better? Having Tropical tea available in family size AND having it be cold brew, too. So glad to have this available to me. Perhaps we can enjoy it year-round? *crosses fingers and toes*

Best Tea Ever

I am not much of a tea drinker, but I love this tea hot or cold. In fact as of right now it is the only tea that I drink!


I tried this with my eyes closed so to speak. I'm not usually a tropical fan. What a pleasant surprise! This is now one of my favorites. Totally recommend you to try it and love it

Shannon Byrd

By far the best cold brew tea I have ever had, just enough sweetness and diabetic friendly!!!!

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