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sherry stolle
Best tea ever!

I just recently found this ice tea and my whole family is in love with it. I have been buying both the cold brew and the family size hot brews. I normally put two hot brews and an alternate flavor like cherry or raspberry and with it and brew through my ice tea machine, it is amazing. I just placed my fourth order for this month.

Sheryl Gambrell
Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

I Lovr this sweet tea. I have used the large quart sized bags, & they are great. However, I really love the cold brew individual bags. These are so quick and easy, only 5 minutes to refreshing sweet tea!

Too sweet

Sorry. Way too sweet. You need a slightly sweet option.

Best tea

I found this tea when I was doing keto. Even when I’m not on a diet I drink this all the time. This is my favorite sweet tea without The calories and sugar so I can enjoy it a lot without the worry. I’m just said my local Walmart no longer carries it.

Robyn Thorne
The Best!

I am a true Southern girl and know how real Southern sweet tastes but have been unable to sip and savor the real thing for over 13 years because of weight loss surgery. I can't have that amount of sugar at all and I have missed it. I found a box of the Original Southern Sweet Tea at WM and took a chance. Oh my stars and garters, it is like drinking my childhood and I couldn't be happier to have found this. I just ordered several flavors and family size boxes and can't wait for them to get here. Yippee for Southern Sweet Tea!

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