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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 151 reviews
    Natalie Nave
    Raspberry Tea single serve

    Love the taste of this tea. I thought it was a little sweet for 8oz of water so I put it in my teamaker with 2 pks and made it a quart pitcher. It was good. Stronger tea just add one more pk.


    I got this as part of a SIps Tea subscription box. I loved the taste. I knew I needed more! The taste is sweet without being too sweet and the raspberry flavor is nice as in you can taste the raspberry and it isn't too weak or overpowering. Brewing was quick and simple. I am in love with the raspberry but am eager to try all the cold brew flavors.

    Cynthia Smith
    Raspberry tea

    I am sooo glad that I ordered the package of one Raspberry set and four regular teas. They are soo easy to fix and taste delicious. Will be ordering more soon. You now have a forever customer. Thanks so much!!!!

    Peri Bakken

    Delicious!!!!!! My favorite!!!

    stefanie ludwig
    SO Much Flavor

    Raspberry is tied with watermelon as my favorite Southern Breeze cold iced teas! I'll never be able to chose between the two, I just love them both so very much. Raspberry has such a nice amount of flavor and sweetness. I love it so much, I signed up for Amazon's 'subscribe and save' plan and get Southern Breeze raspberry delivered monthly (and watermelon) I've completely stopped drinking Lipton raspberry tea (with sugar!), a tea I've been drinking for 2 decades. Southern Breeze is way better tasting AND sugar/calorie free. If you're an iced tea fan, I absolutely recommend Southern Breeze raspberry iced tea!

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