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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Sherri Kidwell
    Love Them

    I love your tea, I gave some to my work partner who is diabetic and has a bad soda habit. He's been drinking these at home and not going out to buy mega soda at the convience store. He loves them. It increases his water intake and has helped with his neuropathy in his feet. I take it to work and just put ice in it and it keeps me hydrated in the AZ heat.

    Oooooo Weeeee

    A friend of mine introduced me to these. I had to buy my own and got all 8 flavors. I use them in much more water than recommended and drink it until no flavor is left... it keeps me drinking water and who doesn't need more water. I recommend them. I am not someone who particularly likes sugar replacements but this I LOVE!!!

    Dawn Spencer
    Loving it

    I am really enjoying all of the flavors except watermelon but thst is only cause I don't like them in the first place. My older son is enjoying the watermelon flavor for me though

    Betty Starnes
    I tell everybody about this tea

    I have even pulled out a tea bag once to give to a caterer at my work . I really love your teas and unless I missed a new flavor(I better look) then all have been tried and are all good.. even mixed!

    Ryan F.
    Game Changer!

    After reading the reviews, I knew I wanted to try this tea...but then I couldn't decide which ones to try - so why not try them all?I have not found one that wasn't great - but I definitely have my preference. All have amazing flavor and the right amount of sweetness. I will add some insight though... 5 min brew time seems a bit short for me - if I want to hurry things a bit I start off the tea in a little bit of hot water to start and add cold water once the water starts getting a bit darker. I will also say that drinking it over ice charges the flavor dramatically. It's good cold, but amazing over ice - I can't really explain it.