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Kelly Stottlemyer

These teas are beyond amazing or awesome. Delicious doesn't describe it. When i find something I love I pass it on to as many friends and family as I can. I live in a long term care facility and i have stopped drinking carbonated drinks. These are so perfect for me to drink here. I put two into a bottle of water and pour over my ice in my pitcher. It is so good. And definitely makes my day much brighter. Thank you southern breeze.

angie box

I am absolutely in love with blood orange! I really liked watermelon and wouldn't drink anything else. The cherry is great too, but that blood orange is just amazing!

Ron W
Welcome to Flavortown

I haven't tried a flavor yet that I haven't liked. I was blown away with the accuracy of the fruit. Watermelon, Cherry, and Blood Orange are my favorites, however, the others are all delicious. I am looking forward to trying the new Cranberry (which I ordered today). Have you ever done Strawberry? Oh, I really like the tropical flavor (Pineapple?) that you did this last summer. So light and refreshing. I am working on a sangria recipe utilizing your teas.

Fabulous isn't emphatic enough

I don't know how they've accomplished what other manufacturers have failed at, but these teas are so full of flavor, I can't stop drinking them! Southern Breeze is my new favorite tea.

Amelia Moran
Great orange flavor

This orange is really good in taste will buy again thank 6